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Guidelines to submit an article on this blog

Article Inquiry regularly publishes guest posts from experts who can provide unique and useful perspectives to our readers on news, trends, emerging technologies, and other areas of interest related to tech innovation.

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Here are our guidelines:

  1. Make a strong, clear argument supported by examples, details, and/or data.
  2. Include a headline.
  3. The article should have been originally written by you
  4. The article should be unique to this blog and not reproduced elsewhere
  5. Once your post has been published on this blog, you agree not to publish the same post anywhere else on the internet – but you may promote the link from this website as required
  6. Do not submit the same article again using rewriting tool. Maybe we delete your account.
  7. Spelling mistake, Duplicate content will be rejected by the moderator.
  8. Rewriting content not allowed.
  9. You must follow keyword density rules when content writes.
  10. Alcohol/Tobacco/Liquor products or content not allowed.
  11. P**nography/n*de content not allowed.
  12. Image in the post – We allow only copyright free image.
  13. Your post must meet a good article quality standard for readers.
  14. Your submitted content must at last 500 words.
  15. Hyperlinking in a post – (500 words 1 hyperlink) (900 words 2 hyperlinks) (1500 words 5 hyperlinks)
  16. Do not submit same article again using rewriting tool. Maybe we delete your account.
  17. All article manually reviewed by post moderator it can take up 5-10 days for review an article.
  18. We have right to change or delete your content any time


When our moderator like your articles we became a permanent author of this website, then you can share your article anytime without reviews.