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What Type Of Work Do You Try To Accomplish While Traveling On An Airplane

Written by David Ross

You cannot always rely on flight entertainment when traveling. One needs something to keep entertained or busy throughout the flight. You may have access to Optimum Triple Play to stream whatever you want on your phone, but eventually, the phone’s battery will run out. And if there is no outlet to plug in your phone for charging it, you would really have nothing else to do.

Don’t fret, here are some activities you can do while traveling on an airplane and have a good time:

Play a Game

It doesn’t always have to be a game on your smartphone or tablet. You can play a board game, too. It’s actually fun. Bring a compact board game with you to play with someone on the flight. It’s a great idea if you are traveling with a companion.

Listen to a Podcast

Apart from listening to music, why not do something productive? Download a few TED Talks or your favorite podcasts. As you look at the cloud from your window (if you are on the window seat) you can enjoy listening to these audios.

Read a Book

Have a bunch of books waiting to be read on your wish-list? Bring them along and read them during your flight.

Have a Cocktail

Flying can be so much fun if you have a cocktail. You can get seriously dehydrated on airplanes. So, order a cocktail but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Start Creative Writing

When you are traveling a long distance, it seems like you have so much time on your hands. In all that silence, why not get creative and write something? Writing isn’t just for a journalist. Anyone can pen down their thoughts on paper. If you have always found it difficult to write your diary, this is your chance. Who knows you get a surge of inspiration and you end up writing great content.

Note: This may not be for everyone.

Learn a Language

Another productive thing you can do on a long-distance flight is to learn a language. When you traveling to a new place, you are likely to enjoy your trip if you are able to connect with the locals in their language.

Learn the common phrases you will need to interact with the people. Apps like Duolingo and Babbel can help big time.

Do Photography

Do you have a passion for photography? Why not get creative in the airplane? Use your photography skills to take photos of the view from your window. You can even take photos of the passengers or the passenger next to you if they allow it. Consider it an opportunity to make memories.

Try Coloring

It’s easy to find adult coloring books today. Try it and you will like it. You will be so immersed in it that you wish the plane never lands.

Talk to Your Seat Mate

There is no harm in talking to your seatmate. Make yourself comfortable with the other person and socialize.

Who knows both of you are headed to the same place. Have some fun chit-chatting with the person because you will probably never see them again. If the two of you are able to get along and you are sharing the same connecting flights, you will have someone else to spend time with at the airport.

Plan Something

Consider you have all the time in the world. So plan whatever you had been putting off – your home décor project, birthday, or any other work-related task. Make the most of these uninterrupted hours.

Try Desk-Side Exercises

Sitting in one position can be very tiring. It’s not really possible to work out on a plane but you can try various desk-side exercises that involve little movement. If that’s not possible, then simply walk in the aisle. It will kill time and give you a chance to stretch out.

Know When You Are Burnt Out

If you feel burnt out or you are out of things to do, then wear your noise-canceling headphones and go sleep. Don’t forget to wrap yourself up in a blanket. Once you are able to get enough sleep, you won’t have to worry about jet lag the next day.

Eat slowly and take photos from your airplane window. Enjoy the time that you have. With these suggestions, you will be able to keep yourself busy during your flight and have a good time as well. Relax and stop using the Internet for a while. That way, you won’t have to contact Optimum Customer Support to complain about your Internet speed either.