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Ways To Deal With An Accident With A Rental Car In Australia

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Australia is one of the destinations that tourists have been dreaming to go to. With the famous landmarks, spots and sights to see, a road trip is really the best choice. Having several car rental services in cities like Sydney, you will never be left out with an option!

Everyone desires to have a perfect and smooth vacation. Even if it’s still a month away, we already have the itinerary all filled out, our bags packed up, cameras ready, and our excitement dancing in us. ­­We can’t help it and that’s okay, until accidents happen during the trip.

Say you already arrived in Sydney and opted for one of the best and cheap car hires in Australia, and you’re in the midst of your amazing adventure yet, but something happened unexpectedly, and you found yourself needing some help.

In this case, here are a few important things to do when you caught yourself in an accident:

Check for injuries

The very thing that you should think about is not your bills, but your health. Make sure to check yourself with any injuries. If you are with anybody, try to check on them, too. Even if it’s tough, remain calm.

Dial emergency numbers

When you can, immediately call emergency hotlines for an ambulance and policemen for investigation. List down these numbers upon arrival or even before your trip and save it on your phone or memorize at least one by heart. You can have a copy from the net or from reliable resources.

Secure the rented vehicle

If you are unharmed or free from any injury, you should check your rented car as soon as possible. Since an accident just happened, a lot of people and bystanders will crowd the area. Try to take a photo of the car from every angle so you will have a proof of its condition to show to the car hire service company in Sydney.

Call the car rental company

Being involved in an accident calls for a number of communications with different kinds of persons. If you think you are free to take a call, go and dial the car rental company. Tell them what happened, let them know about your current situation, the next steps, and more updates. In this way, the contact person will be able to prepare the needed documents for securing your car policy and the vehicle itself.

Assess the damage and repair

Whatever details of the extent of damage your rented car has gained should be reported to the car rental company as transparent and honest as you can. Coordinate with the policemen and investigators to better document the accident area, the car, and everything that could help you.

Nobody prays for an accident. It’s something we do not want to happen to any one of us. But we cannot control the outcome of other people’s actions, and even the sudden mishaps of everything that surrounds us. The best thing we could do is to remain cautious and never let overthinking gets in the way.