Top 10 Tips To Grow Your English Speaking

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For, today’s generation learning and speaking in English has become essential for the great success in both business and job prospects. Let’s find out the best and easiest ways for the same.

1.     Surround yourself with the ambiance where you can smell English, breathe English, eat English and sleep English. Yes, it meant to say that encircle you with the people whose native and only language is English. Here, in every conversation with them, among them, will travel you across some similar words and phrases which in the beginning you may not understand, but with the regular listening, them will make your knowledge clear about it.

2.     Listen carefully to others communication. Concentrate on their expression that will make easy to understand the words and phrases. Listening English songs are helpful. Though, in the beginning, it won’t be interesting, but repeatedly it allows you to understand it. Similarly, reading short stories and watching English movies are great options for the same. But, it needs to be repeated 3-4 times to get habituated of the same words.

3.     It’s natural that when you will start reading and learning, you’ll like to speak it the same time. And, even you will aim to catch the speed and fluency like others. So, here, it is advisable to apply brakes and slow down the speaking speed. The goal is to practice the correct English, but not to win any race. Even, the great speaker speaks at an average speed to hold the public because anyone gets interested only when they understand you.

4.     Though, the beginner starts practicing learning and writing with words. Now, it will be more useful if those words are repeated while communicating in another language. Next, start using small phrases in your communication which later can be added to form sentences. There are some standard phrases which don’t alter, so those phrased can be used in daily conversation. If still, you face difficulty, join Top English speaking course in Nagpur.

5.     After learning up to a level, it’s natural we feel like to start flying. Then, we like to delivery speech long sentences. And, often doing, so we keep adding sentences. It’s important to speak good and meaningful rather than delivering the long unclear speech. So, think before you speak.

6.     Find a regular partner to communicate in the same language. Make your conversation interrogative. This will allow both of you equal turns to speak. And, you can learn how your partner replies and questions. If the partner knows the speaking language then it’s more interesting as he/she can explain and clears your doubt in your native language which is easy to understand for you.

7.     Give reasons to learn the language as motivation push the work faster. Like, better job opportunities, spread business at international level, strengthening the base of the kids from the early stage, enhance personal knowledge, develop a personality, confidence to stand in the crowd, etc are various reasons to learn English. Any effective single reason is enough carry the purpose successfully.

8.     It’s tough to memorize every word of a new language while at the learning stage, so better make a habit to note down it and go through at least one day.

9.      Try out some tongue twisters which literally sound tough in the beginning. It’s the series of words that start with the same letter like, “Forty-four friends fighting for fried frenkies.” For, the learners it’s not easy. Try speaking such sentences which will help in pronunciation. This can be practice through playing a word game.

10.   Focus on fluency, but not on grammar. Try to speech the short sentences in learning to stage. This will be helpful for continuous speech without interruption. More, the stoppage, less confident you will be. Rehearse speaking in front of the mirror. After a few practices the speed will be better and then you can stretch the sentences longer. Grammar is of equal importance, but if once the pronunciation and speaking power improve, the grammar and the new words will take its place.