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Tips to Sense the Risk of a Possible Travel Scam?

Written by Robert Adam

Vacation is a great way to get relaxed and refresh yourself. Nobody ever wants to become a prey of travel scam during the holiday trip. Everyone looks for travel discounts at the destination. But you must be mentally prepared for the possible scams during your travel at the destination. A number of scamming people trap you through their attractive money-saving offers during the travel and you become victim to them just to save you money. Be aware of all such scams and understand that money-saving offers are not always true!

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For most of the travel products, it is recommended to go for advance reservation. That is why scams artists mostly target travellers to meet their purposes successfully. The Internet has become a source of a lot of illegal and unethical activities these days.

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Keep in mind of the few red flags that I am highlighting below and consider them as a signal of a possible scam in your way:

  • Pre-booking without any written contract

Mostly, it is needed to make payment before the beginning of your travel. You must demand a written contract that clearly mentions that you have made advance payment for a certain product/service. It should be followed for both deposit or full payment.

All real, authenticated and trustworthy services prefer to spell off their offers in a written contract. You should never agree for anything, other than a written proof with you. You can never prove yourself to be on the right unless you have a record of the payment being made with a certain amenity.

  • Never make a transaction through a courier service

If you are considering a certain amenity, but it insists you to make payment through a specific courier service then you must doubt the authentication of such company. Always make a transaction through a post office, as it will become a lot easier to expose the scammer when you have made payment through governmental postal service.

  • Deal with the companies with valid contact information

There are various travel services that are operating their business online only, but if you come across an amenity that convinces you to go for the booking by telephone, inquire him first if you will be provided a written contract regarding the advance payment. Ask about the location and physical address of certain service. If you get evasive answers, it’s better to hand up and to find another option!

  • Limited time offers

It is never a bad idea to avail limited time airfare sales and other special offers from different airlines. Many of such offers are legitimate as the airline makes such offers to fill empty seats and room through last minute reservation offers. But when you see an offer saying “Limited Time Only”, “Offer Ends in 4 Hours”, then you must doubt the reliability of the advertising amenity. Act wisely and always make use of your sixth sense to decide what is best for you!

  • Become a Travel Agent

Scamming people might approach you with an offer to become a travel agent to avail great discounts or be entitled to free trips. These perks are actually true and enjoyed by the travel agents, but you must understand that such people are selected through a proper procedure and if an individual is approaching you with such offer, he is simply trying to fool you.

  • Free or complimentary offers

When you come across with the offers stating “Complimentary” or “Free” offers then you must understand that these words are actually being used to distract you from reality. You need to act smartly to understand the hidden agenda. You must turn down any such offers as soon you sense any scam or suspicion.

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