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Tips to Hire professional Antique rug cleaning

Written by James Porter

Rug Master is a credible organization working in North London. We are treating both Antique Rug cleaning and Traditional Rug cleaning for over a decade. We simply are a team of high maintenance individuals who follow the professional standards linked to carpet cleaning and renewing the fabric with proper care.  Sometimes it seems simple to just hire the cleaners and get the job done but for us, there is a huge difference between the cleaning of a newly developed team and a professional expert team.

Antique Rug cleaning

For us, every thread of the rug matters. We deal with contemporary and traditional rugs with the same attention. When it comes to cleaning your rug we have a very specific behavior about it. Mostly the services we provide are;

  • Fabric and Fiber protection
  • Cleaning the floor beneath the rug
  • Rug cleaning and repairing
  • Re-placing of the rug

Antique Rug Cleaning

To us, quality is the main element. As we have been working for over 3 generations, our main focus is to take care of every little detail about the cleaning of your rugs at home or office. Mostly big hotels are very clingy about the safety of antique rugs because they have been placed there to tell the history and show the traditions. In this situation, quality matters a lot. Therefore, our cleaning team takes special care of Antique rug cleaning.

With the dual aim of protecting the antique possessions of customers and maintaining the reputation of the company, all of our workers work hard to achieve every goal with proper client satisfaction. The main element which we make the Rug Master of North London is our ability to satisfy and gain the attention of primary and secondary customers through quality and alacrity.

24/7 Availability

Sometimes people get irritated when they need a service and the company is not available at the moment. However, with us, 24/7 availability is a solemn matter. Simply enroll in a maintenance plan or request a last minute cleaning service for a party or an event. Whether you need an Antique Rug cleaning or a Contemporary Rug cleaning our professionals will be there at your doorsteps on time and complete the cleaning in given time leaving no stains behind.

Whenever you search “carpet cleaning near me” you will find many options but the question is what to select. Well, it is up to the reviews and feedback of people who had used the services and fully satisfied with it. As for us, the customer’s satisfaction index is very high due to 24 hours’ availability.

Reliability and Punctuality

For the last moment service, people are always afraid of the quality of work and for most cases showing up the company at the exact time. Well, fear no more because we are here to give you the most reliable and punctual services in town. Rug cleaning especially when its antique must be treated by reliable professionals to maintain industry standards. Therefore, we are very strict about maintaining all the parameters in order to assure the best quality.