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Know the Difference: White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO Methods

Written by Micheal Anderson

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO is often the most talked about topic in the SEO world. The entire game of SEO is focused on improving a website’s search engine ranking. This is because when your visibility increases, you get more traffic, more potential customers and ultimately more conversions.

Here’s a quick comparison of White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO to help you understand these concepts better.

Black Hat SEO

You will often come across a digital marketing company which will advise you to break a few of the search engine rules to get higher search rankings. These agencies are basically meant for those people who are in a haste and want a quick return on their website. They are hardly bothered about the authenticity and honesty required for a long-term investment on the website.


They hire agencies, which use cheap techniques like unnecessary stuffing of keywords, framing links, blog content spamming etc. to fool the search algorithms. They might succeed initially, but they eventually get caught and then get banned and de-indexed for using all these unethical techniques. The basic aim of black hat SEO is to be solely focused on the search engines. They are not at all bothered about providing good quality content to the users.

White Hat SEO

Again, you may also come across an SEO company in Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune or in any city that focuses on ethical ways to earn higher rankings in the search engines. They believe in applying those tips and techniques that help them in generating a trust and brand image with the human audience. They also make use of keywords, but unlike in the black hat method, here the keyword is found after proper research using the various available tools. They do not stuff it unnecessarily but build quality and relevant content for it. The white hat techniques take time to build the website reputation, but then it is long-lasting.


The search engines might take a little time initially to understand that your site is good, unique and ethical. But, once they find it, there is no looking back till the time you keep doing the good work. The search engine algorithms are smart enough to pick good quality content and white hat SEO techniques aid in that. You need to create good quality content using the keywords that you have selected after a thorough research. These keywords should appear naturally in the content as well as the headings and page titles.

Besides creating high-quality content, it is also important to add new relevant content at a regular frequency. If the users find your content to be good, relevant and valuable, they will automatically start sharing it in their circles of influence. You will start getting genuine links, which will further help in boosting your ranking in the SERPs.

Between the White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO, the former always wins in the long run.

Author bio:

Micheal Anderson is an avid blogger and digital marketing expert with Techmagnate (well known digital marketing company in Chennai). He has knowledge of various SEO Techniques such as On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, content marketing, email marketing etc.