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How long your insurance covers Car Rental Sunnyvale?

Written by David Ross

Do you need Car Rental in Sunnyvale? If you generally decline insurance offered at the car rental counter, it’s important to know how long your car insurance or credit card will cover collision insurance on a long-term car rental. Swift Rental Car has prepared a general overview which can explain some rental insurance points for your benefits. 



Auto insurance companies and credit card companies impose time limits on how long rental cars will cover, but the details vary. To be safe, always check with your provider for reservations lasting more than two weeks.

Call the insurance company to check the insurance details

Don’t know if your car insurance policy will keep you covered during an epic road trip or an extended season away from home? It is best to call the insurance company directly or search for your policy online if you trust your auto insurance to cover a long-term car rental.

Get a quote for a cheap long-term car rental

Most major auto insurers cover car rental for up to 30 days, but the term may vary and the policies are not always easy. For example, Swift Rental Car generally give cheap Car Rental Sunnyvale plans to people. 

Whether or not your auto insurance covers a car rental claim can be reduced to why you need the car in the first place. If you need to rent a car long-term because your personal vehicle had an accident, the cost of the rental car may be covered if you choose to purchase rental reimbursement insurance. Insurance companies generally offer this as an option to cover expenses while policyholders buy a new car or wait for repairs. This rental reimbursement coverage provides a limit per day for a specific period of time, such as $ 30 per day for 30 days.

Professional Tip: Want to make sure your personal car insurance covers all of your car rental long-term?  Divide your rental into two simultaneous transactions in less than 30 days each. If you need a car for 45 days, for example, make two separate rental car reservations. The first rental would take you for the first 30 days and the second would cover the last 15 days. If you have an accident with any of the rental cars, your personal car insurance coverage will remain valid, as each rental period will be less than 30 days.

Long-term Car Rental and Credit Cards

But what if you don’t have a car? Your credit card is likely to provide coverage for Sunnyvale Car Rental Service.

A study found that about 38 percent of credit cards cover domestic rentals for 15 days and international rentals for 31 days. Just over half of credit cards (52.3 percent) cover domestic and international car rentals for at least 30 days, while about nine percent cover rentals for just 15 days.