How to Setup a Home Network with 5 Easy Steps

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Home Network is very well known for the group of devices such as game system, printers, laptops, computers, mobile devices, etc. They have the capability of connecting with each other through the help of an Ethernet cable and to the Internet. It may also interest you to know that home networks can connect in the following two ways:-

1.    A Wired network that is helpful in Netgear extender setup and connects devices like printers, scanners, laptop, and computers with the help of an Ethernet cable.

2.    A wireless network that connects smart devices with each other without any help of Ethernet or USB cable.

Why do we need a Home Network?

There might be many reasons to establish and create a home network. Home networking permits its users to:

1.    Connect directly to the Internet.

2.    Connects multiple smart wired or wireless devices at the same time.

3.    Safely access files and folders on all the smart devices that are physically connected to the Internet.

4.    Manage, control, and repair the security settings for all networking devices.

1. The configuration of a Broadband Router

Well, broadband routers are specially designed for convenience in setting up a reliable home network. It is also valuable for those users who acquire high-speed of Internet everywhere in the house. Remember, before setting up the router with your smart device, assure yourself that your device is physically connected with the existing modem, and you are also using the latest firmware of your device. In case the firmware is outdated, it will be a hard time fixing up your broadband router.

2. Secure your Network Device and data from Hacking

Today, in the modern world of technology, everybody needs speed and the improvement of security that would help in securing his or her personal information and acquire that range, which would follow them like shadows. So, they go for Netgear extender setup wizard and enjoy the high-speed of the Internet to even those areas, where they failed to receive the signal connectivity once in past.

§  Install your range extender with the help of your existing router and a smart device. Connect all of them with the help of an Ethernet cable.

§  Open a web browser followed by mywifiext.

§  Onto your smart device, select a network whose range you want to extend.

§  But remember, you are supposed to do the entire process of setup in a private WiFi that you own.

§  Your device has received with the default login credentials, delivered to you by your manufacturer or service provider. In that case, we would like to suggest our valuable users create an extra strong password for about 16 characters with no dictionary words.

§  Whenever you want to set a limit of parental control, guest access, want to proceed with any setup or apply any security measure, just make the use of Netgear Extender Setup Password created by you to avoid any kind of inconvenience and hacking.

§  Do not share your password with anyone, until and unless he/she is trustworthy to you.

§  Never complete the process of Netgear Genie Setup under the supervision of third-party device, communal or a public hotspot.

3. Work with an IP Address

IP Address the Internet Protocol is the basic and primary methods for wired devices to identify themselves well of a home network. Well, all the smart devices like, computers, laptops, routers, extenders, games consoles, etc. are physically connected to an Internet Protocol. All the mentioned smart devices possess their individual IP address. On the other hand, special IP addresses are generally used on a local network. In order to get the detail of your device IP, simply type the make and model number of your device into the field of the address bar of a web browser.

4. The configuration of Mobile Internet Access

In today’s modern life, people are getting used to the Internet and its connectivity. Today, people are increasingly relying on the Internet connectivity while traveling for business or family pleasure (trip). They often get connected to a network own by an unknown person. In excitement, they forgot to apply securities to their network and devices and at last, they realize that all their confidential data has been stolen.

In that case, you just have to give anti-virus security to your device and network firewall to your WiFi (Internet).

5. A connection between two Devices

The easy and simplest type of network contains two wired devices linked by a direct connection. You can make use of these connections to share files, printers, or any other smart device especially when a router and its connection aren’t available. Well, such ad-hoc-mode wireless network permits direct linking of more than two wired devices.