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How to Prepare for A Car Transport

Written by David Ross

A lot of things are available to do before you decided to go for transport. Before hiring a transport its good have some points in the mind. Like before hiring an auto transport companies it’s important to focus on the points discussing below.

So, you took the mandatory steps in selecting a decent car transport company, however, currently, you would like to grasp the way to prepare your automobile for shipping.

What does one do? You’ll be able to perpetually send your automobile off as is, however, this is often a valuable item here! You would like to form certain you are doing everything you’ll be able to confirm a secure and damage-free transport. Take a glance at these seven steps below, therefore, you’ll be able to properly prepare an automobile for shipping.


The first factor you must do before you ship an automobile is provided it a decent wash. After you recognize you’re “First offered Shipping Date,” make certain to possess your car washed by that date. Once your car’s exterior is clean, take a while to totally examine it for any:

Existing scratches or dents

Paint chips or discoloring

Though rare, scratches and dings will happen throughout transport, therefore you would like to require a stock of those that exist already. It’s a lot of easier to seek out these damages on a clean automobile.


Once you note all existing damages, take photos with date stamps of every scratch, dent, paint chip, etc. These are for your records, therefore take care to require clear photos. You’ll be able to embrace these photos together with your record, therefore, any new doable scratches or dents can’t be controversial by the carrier or Transport Company.


To decrease the prospect of thieving, and to confirm your valuable things are safe, take away all custom merchandise or vehicle add-ons like custom stereos, optical disk players, GPS systems, etc. you may additionally need to get rid of any parking passes or toll tags. If you permit your toll tag within the vehicle, it’ll seemingly obtain the fees of every toll your automobile passes through. Save yourself unnecessary charges and take care to get rid of it!

If you’ve got a custom alarm, take care to get rid of or disable it. If it pops throughout transport, the driver has the proper to disable it by any suggests that doable, therefore take care it’s off.


If you’ve got any components on the outside of your vehicle that are removable or loose, take care to either secure them or take away them. Take away your antenna and place it in your trunk or retract it. Fold your side-view mirrors in. If you add a custom spoiler or different components, take into account removing them so that they don’t seem to be broken or lost throughout transport.


Check and refill all fluids

Ensure tires are properly inflated

Make sure vehicle features a full battery charge

Make note of any mechanical problems and inform the driver of any special steps that have to be taken to drive an automobile on and off the truck

Check mileage and record

Empty storage tank

Make sure your storage tank is just 1/4 full. A full tank of gas adds weight to your vehicle and also the trailer. Plus, your automobile won’t be driven aside from to be taken on and off the transport truck, therefore extra gas isn’t required.

These steps could appear tedious, however, they’re all necessary to confirm your automobile is transported and delivered as safely as doable. Researching all of those steps before vehicle shipping quote, following them can considerably cut back the danger of any harm to your vehicle.