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Rental Hacks for Car Rental in Grapevine Tx

Written by David Ross

Renting a car is something that many people do when they go on vacation. But most people don’t realize all the pitfalls that can be evaded by renting a car. Being one of the leading rental companies in Grapevine, Swift Rental Car has come across many tricks you can use to save time, save money, and overall make the whole process of renting Car Rental in Grapevine Tx much easier.

Rental cars are often a key part of any trip (business or pleasure). Plus, if you are a business traveler, you are likely to spend a significant amount of time in a rental car. If you are traveling for pleasure, a rental car is likely to play an important role in the success of your trip

Car Rental Grapevine Tx

Think about where travel agents make money. They work on request. That means they get a certain percentage of the reservation amount. The more expensive your reservation is; the more money they earn. So, booking a car rental directly is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Primary Booking OR For Prompt Service

Just like airfare, rental car prices generally rise as the date of service approaches. This is especially true on holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Because demand is so high and rental car fleets are limited, providers can charge almost what they want and know that people will still be desperate enough to book. Booking well in advance means you get the best possible rate, as well as the choice of the full range of cars.

The Book Under The Driver’s Name

If you are traveling in a group, it is recommended to reserve the car in the name of the person who would drive it. It is also recommended to book with a credit card in the name of the driver. Some car rental agencies can be flexible, but it’s always better to avoid the hassle. Plus, this car rental hack comes in handy, especially if you’re paying in advance for your reservation and have a discounted rate.

Verify The Location

Generally, car rental companies are located at the airport. However, some will require you to walk a considerable distance or take a taxi to get to the agency. It should also be noted that some agencies may have your location as an airport pickup, however, they are mainly some distance away. So this is one of the car rental tricks that come in handy to avoid extra travel.

Try To Avoid Airport Rentals

Did you know that the price of rental cars at the airport is much higher than the city deposit, even for the same provider? This is in part because airports charge car rental providers a large amount for renting car spaces and the desk inside the terminal. They also charge customers more for convenience. If you’re renting a car for just a day or two, there may not be a big difference in your total bill. If you rent for a week, it could mean big savings. Compare the price of airport and downtown locations to see if it’s worth getting another shuttle from the airport to town and picking up the car there.

Be a keen observer

If you plan to use your phone to listen to music or as a GPS, it is beneficial to pack and carry a car charger and a USB cable. Consequently, this car rental hack helps you get rid of the difficulty of finding these needs at your destination or buying them from the car rental agency.

It is important to surround the car with your camera and take pictures of any damage before leaving the car rental agency. If your camera has the option, stamp the photos with the time and date, or upload them somewhere online that lists the time and date. You can also have a staff member walk around the car with you to check for any damage to the car. Be sure to take photos of the markings on the car, no matter how small.
If you cancel a reservation, make sure you receive an email confirmation. Some agencies may say that they have canceled your reservation and promise you a refund. However, it is mandatory that you receive an email confirmation as evidence in case of any dispute.

Don’t Forget To Fill Up!

Generally, rental companies will charge you more if you don’t fill the car before you return it. Fill the car before returning it and don’t forget to save the receipt! In the event of a dispute, the date/time and the amount on your receipt is evidence that you have filled out the car.

Don’t Pay In Advance

Book through a provider or comparison website that does not require any advance payment. If you find a better deal elsewhere, or if something else comes up and you need to change your plans, at least you won’t be charged a cancellation fee! It also means that you can make some reservations and choose the best one for you as the date approaches. By booking in advance, you can get good prices and simply cancel the ones you don’t need before the date.
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