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Cyclists and bikers are the most exposed road users who can get hurt while traveling. They can suffer severe injuries if got hit by a vehicle. Do you know you can claim compensation for an accident if you suffer a personal injury? However, you will need skilled solicitors to make such a claim. In case you have gone through a recent bike injury, you should get legal advice. You need solicitors who have a better understanding of bike accidents.

People who have experienced a bike accident need the best legal advice and support. You need someone who is ready to help you get the compensation that you serve. And there is no better option than hiring No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers.

What Is No Win No Fee?

A no win, no fee arrangement is a conditional agreement. It allows you to claim compensation even if you have no fee to pay. It doesn’t involve a financial risk as you don’t have to pay your solicitors upfront. Payment has to be paid only after you have won the claim. In case your ‘no win no fee claim’ is unsuccessful, no legal fee has to be paid.

How Does It Work?

Usually, a free of cost initial consultation is done. The law firm evaluates the claim and tells the plaintiff whether or not they think it is a solid case. If the firm thinks that this is a good case then they take it as a no win no fee-based case. The next step is getting funds that are usually taken out of insurance.

The Insurance Process

An insurance policy is usually taken out on your behalf by the firm. However, under the insurance terms, no financial risk is subjected to you. Generally, two types of insurance policies are used to cover the expenses i.e. ATE or BTE. Most of the time an ATE or ‘After the Event’ policy is purchased to settle legal fees.

The BTE or Before the Event’ is a card, credit, or home insurance policy that most people have. If you have one, it is used as a covering policy instead of an ATE. Law firms are bound to explain the Policy plans and insurance process before starting the claim.

What Happens After the Verdict?

After the verdict, if you have secured the compensation, the fee will be paid by the defendant. However, if your opponent does not pay the fee, the amount will be deducted by the firm from your compensation. In case you lost the claim, you don’t have to pay a penny. Whereas the legal fee of your opponent will be covered from your insurance policy. However, a few solicitors often charge the plaintiff for initial court fees and medical reports.

What Can You Claim?

Here is a list of different claims that you can get compensation for.

  • Rehabilitation and medical treatment cost
  • Alternative transport cost or motorcycle hiring cost
  • Replacement or repair of the damaged bike
  • Compensation for personal injury
  • Compensation for loss of use
  • Loss of earnings

Why You Should Go for It?

It is wise of you to go for a compensation claim after an accident. You can get a recompense for your loss without any charges. In addition to that, you can know how much you can get for your loss. Most solicitors offer legal advice for free and you can also get separate compensation for physical, mental, or loss of earning.

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