Anti-Virus Software system for A Phone

Written by David Ross

Malware and viruses are regarded as troublemakers in the operating system world. If you have been accosted by a virus or any form of malware, you know it is not fun at all. Just like desktops and laptops, Android tablets and mobiles can also fall a victim of viruses.

Having a phone on the Android platform is extremely popular now that the Android OS has taken the mobile world by storm. With the capability of these phones to access the many useful apps available out there, the potential for malware and viruses is imminent. Your phone is susceptible to having its speed reduced or even the phone getting wrecked, or the viruses could allow hackers to be privy to your personal data. All these issues serve to show you how important it is to make sure your phone is protected. You can do a lot for protecting the outside of your phone with Android phone accessories, but virus and malware issues need their own special care.

There are a lot of options for Android owners to browse antivirus apps in the Google Play store. Here you can pick out the most reliable antivirus apps to ensure your Android phone is best protected. An example of a really good antivirus app is the Free AVG antiviral. This is considered one the most popular antivirals out there today. With its high credibility, it has spectacular features like real-time AV scanner, task killer, malware protection, backup assistant phone locator and a local device wipe up. You can rest assured when you have the AVG antivirus app on your phone that malware and viruses will have a hard time getting by this protection and into your phone. Your Android mobile accessories will be rendered useless when your phone no longer works to support them.

Second in the list is Dr.Web anti-virus light. Dr.Web anti-virus light is for Android users. The Dr. Web light app will make sure your Android device is protected completely. Although it lacks a complete set of features as compared to AVG anti-virus, i.e. Data backup and phone locator, it will not disappoint you in the war against viruses. This app can look over all the apps that are on your phone, even those in hard to access places. Moreover, Dr.Web anti-virus light has the capacity of detecting a virus research on it and finds the ultimate source and the virus family.

We\’ve all heard of the Norton antivirus because it is very popular as well. It will secure your Android gadget like no other. Norton has the ability to alert you when malware or viruses are present on your Android device and set to work getting rid of it right away. There is also an anti-theft setup in the app, along with the capability to command your phone remotely with SMS prompts.

There is also the Avast antivirus program for Android systems. Avast is another really great app out there for your use. It is available as an application for Android users. Avast can totally protect your Android from being attacked. It also ensures that all apps and games installed are scanned. Another safety feature is the anti-theft component for your phone. With so many antivirus programs out there, you can do some homework to see which is right for you. Your smartphone will be well protected from malware with antivirals, and from everyday life with Android Accessories. Motorola Android accessories such as Motorola Atrix 2 accessories and Motorola Droid RAZR accessories provide customers with the best possible way to keep their devices protected.

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