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All About Online Check-ins!

Written by David Ross

Airlines are inclining to automate everything, the interaction with the customers have been reduced dramatically, and as soon as the credit card has been dunned the passengers are left entirely on their own. Isn’t it absolutely true? You might disagree with this entirely, but to some extent I am right! Online check-in is such a serendipitous trend. The traveler avails of this facility but accessing the website of the airline or its mobile application. This option is facilitating thousands of passengers, hence saving their precious time at the airport.

  • What is online check-in?

Every major airline offers an online check-in facility to the passengers, hence you can check-in for your flight ahead of time from the comfort of your home, hotel, or office. Online check-in is permitted 24 hours before your departure time. You just need to provide your reservation confirmation number and name. Sometimes you are even allowed to check-in with your frequent flyer or credit card number if you have reserved the flight through a third party instead of booking directly with the airline. Make sure to use the airline reservation code rather than the confirmation number from the booking site to avail of online check-in!
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On completion of the check-in process, take a print out of your boarding pass and email it to yourself (this will help you to show at the airport on your cell phone). In case you do not have easy access to a printer or smartphone, you can go ahead with the printing on boarding pass upon reaching the airport ahead of the flight. Online check-in not only saves your time at the airport but also gives you the convenience to select the seat of your choice in advance.

  • Why you should go for online check-in?

Airlines prefer online check-in as it saves them money on paper and personnel costs. Being a passenger, one of the great advantages of this process is that you bypass the long queues and trouble at the airport. In case you are not carrying any check-in counter, you can skip the check-in counter entirely and head straight to the security checkpoint.
Even if you have check-in luggage, online check-in can still save a little of your time; Few airlines have designated desks to drop off your luggage without going through the complete check-in process if you have completed it through an online facility.
One of the greatest benefits of the online check-in process is that you not only get a chance to pick the seat of your choice but also include yourself among the group of passengers who will board the plane initially.

  • When you can’t check-in online?

Although online check-in is convenient for both airlines and travelers, it is actually not available for every passenger on every itinerary. Due to these reasons, you might be forced for an airport check-in rather than an online check-in facility:

·         You are traveling as a part of a tourist or volunteer group

·         Your flight is operated by a codeshare partner rather than the airline you are trying to online check-in

·         You require special assistance or services like a wheelchair or assistance for a kid who is traveling alone

·         TSA has chosen you for a secondary screening

·         The airline cannot find your passport on its international flight file

Please note that sometimes even with the availability of an online check-in facility, all airports might not accept mobile boarding passes. It is advisable to keep a print out of the boarding pass before you arrive at the airport to avoid any last-minute trouble.

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