8 most common early pregnancy symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptom
Written by David Ross

There are a lot of symptoms that can confirm your pregnancy. Some of them are progressively self-evident, some less. Here are some of the Early Pregnancy Symptoms to confirm your pregnancy;

  1. Food Cravings.

Food Carvings is one of the early pregnancy symptom. For some women, food aversion or carvings lasts for entire pregnancy duration. You may pine for extraordinary sustenance’s and dishes that you partner with your way of life and childhood.

  • Cramps:

Cramps are common in the first trimester. It happens when the fertilized eggs get attached to walls of uterus for about 10-14 days. It is okay to have irregular & short lasting cramps.

  • Increased Urination:

 For many women, it is usually the first sign of pregnancy. Hormonal changes, Increase in blood volume, and growing uterus are the main causes of increased urination.

  • Breast Changes:

Changes to breasts can start early as 1 to 2 weeks after conception. You may also feel sore, sensitive, heavy or dull pain. They may also fell heavier. At this stage, women are advised to avoid certain types of pain relief, but if you feel particularly painful, you can consult your doctor.

  • Mood Swings:

 During conceiving, the amount of estrogen & progesterone increases in your blood level due to which one feel irritated. It is one of the Early Pregnancy Symptoms. You may experience joy, happiness, excitement, uncertainty or fear, irritability, calmness, some sort of dependency.

  • Fatigue:

There is increase level of Progesterone hormone that can make you sleep extra. Low iron levels can also make you tired. During pregnancy, depression can also cause sleeplessness or fatigue. Blood pressure & blood sugar also changes.

  • Missed Periods:

Missed periods is a standout amongst the most clear early side effect of pregnancy. Not all women experience a missed period in those early weeks after origination. It happens when the cycle totally changes.

  • Headaches:

Headaches during pregnancy are common and is one of the Early Pregnancy Symptom. Causes of headaches are pregnancy fatigue, tension, increased hunger, physical or emotional stress, allergies, overheating. To avoid headaches make sure to get some fresh air, keep a healthy food routine, and make sure to get enough rest.