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7 Simple and Easy Tips to Keep your Hardwood Floors Clean and Protected

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Written by Herz

The hardwood floors certainly add a great style, design and an ideal look to your home. Hardwood floors give a clean, gleaming and polished look. These type of floors are temperamental, while you don’t have enough time to properly clean and maintain the floor to keep it welcoming. This might worry you about finding ways to keep your hardwood flooring clean and well maintain. So let us look at some of the simple tips that will help you to keep your hardwood floor clean, fine and safe.

Cleaning Products

Avoid the Wrong Cleaning Products

The most important thing to keep your hardwood floors clean and safe is by using proper cleaning products. Products like vinegar, ammonia, floor waxes, oil soap, wet mops, etc. can harm your hardwood floors. So such kind of products needs to be avoided as they can make your floor slippery, deteriorate hardwood floors, and erode hardwood floor finish.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

Make a habit to utilize right cleaning products that will keep your hardwood flooring clean and safe. You can use products like damp mops, specifically designed products for the floor, dry and soft-bristled broom, microfiber cloth, etc. You can also take some advice from the floor installer to use the products and maintain them properly.

Protect Hardwoods with Soft Materials

You can use soft materials over your hardwood floors to protect them from getting damaged due to constant use or movement of heavy furniture over them. So the placement of soft materials under the furniture can protect your hardwood flooring from getting damaged.

Regular Cleaning with Dry Broom and Dust Mop

Regular cleaning with a mop or dry broom will help a lot to keep your hardwood floor clean. Dust mop has the ability to pick up dust, pet hairs and dirt from the surface as they can make the floor rough and increase the chances of the floor to get scratched. For a quick dusting of the hardwood floor, you can use dusting sprays, disposable electrostatic cloths, and microfiber cloths.

Use Vacuum for Cleaning

A popular way to keep your hardwood floor clean is by using a vacuum cleaner. But an important thing needs to be taken care of, you need to use a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for hardwood floors and avoid using carpet floor. The vacuum should be lightweight and adjustable so that it will avoid damaging of floor finish. Vacuums like canister vacuums, upright vacuums, and cordless stick vacuums are some of the vacuums that are well-known and useful.  

Use a No-wax Wood Floor Cleaner

Wipe up, dirt and spills on the floors need to be cleaned immediately and quickly. A no-wax wood floor cleaner helps you to remove the residue and dirt that can damage the finish of the hardwood flooring. This can also help you to remove all the accumulated dust on the floors.  


Use Doormats to Avoid Dirt and Dust

Ideally, people always remove their shoes whenever they come inside your home. This makes your hardwood flooring dirty and also increases the chances of dust that gets spread all around the home. So vacuuming or dusting may help you to clean them but if you use a long doormat in the entryway then this may reduce the dust as more people will rub moisture and dirt off their shoes as they walk into your home.


These are some of the tips that help to keep your hardwood flooring clean and safe. Enjoy the hardwood flooring in your home and use the mentioned tips to keep it protected and last long with their natural look and characteristics.