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10 Valuable Tips To Design A Website For Mobile Speed

Responsive websites have become a necessity for all modern organizations as they are a cost-effective method to access all sorts of users. People are turning to solutions that facilitate the development of mobile-friendly interfaces and are even migrating to other platforms using services which migrate website to WordPress or any other such platform. It has also become essential to check for the page loading speed of the interface not only on desktops but also on smart devices. Some handy tips to design a website for mobile speed are being presented here which can be helpful to professionals looking to create fast loading interfaces.

1. Choose A Good Web Hosting Service

Most people try to save money by opting for a cheap hosting plan which only harms the website as it affects the loading speed negatively especially during peak traffic. A good and efficient service with dedicated servers must be chosen which provides round the clock client support. People looking for more economical solutions can go for shared hosting solutions like virtual private servers which offer shared services but with dedicated server resources.

2. Optimize All Images

The visual element of an interface can be its most appealing feature but if images are added without any planning, then it will result in a slow loading website abandoned by a large number of users. It is essential that all images are optimized by choosing the correct file format according to type and using tools to compress and resize them so that they do not eat up valuable space on servers.

3. Take Help From Caching

Caching is a very useful technique that must be used by all owners as it helps in maximizing speed and performance of a website. When caching is enabled, the most sought-after files are stored in the browser of the user’s device so that when the files are requested again, they take less time to load. It is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to reduce access latency and speeding up the loading time of web pages.

4. Employ Lazy Loading On All Pages

Lazy loading is another beneficial design technique that is extremely helpful in increasing the page loading speed. Technically speaking, it delays the initialization of an element until it is required by the user and in simple language, it can be explained as loading an element, whether text or visual only when the user scrolls down to it. The server does not need to handle too many queries at once and the page loads much faster in a browser.

5. Careful Usage Of JavaScript

JavaScript has become an integral part of web development but developers must be careful in using it as not doing so can affect the website speed for mobile users. Browsers do not load any other element until JavaScript has finished loading and therefore it must be put at the bottom of the page so that HTML content is loaded first. Minify the code as just like optimizing images, this will help in reducing the time taken to load. This is one of the most vital tips to design a website for mobile speed.

6. Minimize Redirects On The Website

Redirects are essential tools that help in guiding visitors but the presence of too many of them slows an interface down. con Making a comprehensive assessment and finding out all the unnecessary ones and removing them will be helpful in keeping the website easily accessible.

7. Eliminating Tap Delays

A tap delay is present on most websites in order to let the device identify the difference between a single tap and a double tap. Interfaces that do not have any functionalities that require double tapping can remove the feature of tap delay so that users can access all elements instantly.

8. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source publishing technology project designed for creating fast loading mobile pages. Owners can use the technology to create AMP versions of their landing pages which will be rendered quickly on smart devices and help improve user experience and engagement.

9. Remove All Unnecessary Plugins

WordPress users love plugins and try to add many as possible to their interfaces for introducing new functionalities but this can have a negative effect on the website speed. Make a list of all the installed plugins and evaluate which of them are adding any value to the website. Remove all the unnecessary ones as they are only adding unwanted code to the design which results in increased time for loading the page.

10. Try An Alternative Like Progressive Web Apps

Owners of websites that have a lot of dynamic and interactive content can also consider alternatives like progressive web apps (PWAs) which seem like web pages but can be used offline and provide an immersive user experience.


The increasing popularity of smart devices has made it necessary for owners to invest in responsive interfaces and design a website for mobile speed so that their interface is easily accessible to everyone and provides a rich user experience.

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